Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vaction Day Two....

Flight was great, we upgraded to business class, very nice, free alcohol!!!!

Got the the resort and headed immediately to the beach. Spent the rest of the day there with the wife's co-workers. Did I mention this was an all expenses paid vacation? The wife was a top sales person at the bank and won this trip. We pay for nothing!!!! After the beach we went to the room for awhile and unpacked and got ready for dinner. It was a welcome Clam Bake, all the steak, lobster (whole lobster) and clams one could eat, plus open bar. It was all on the beach and was incredible. After dinner we went to the ballroom for some high stakes BINGO. Yes, BINGO with 6 games, prizes ranging from $150 to $2500. We won nothing, but had fun and some fantastic desserts (and open bar). We passed out around 11, I think.

Slept in and caught the end of the breakfast buffet (mushroom and tomato omlet and yogurt parfait). Then off to the pool for 2 hours of doing NOTHING. This is something new for me. And I enjoyed it. After that, a nice walk, a quick lunch and then off to the spa for an hour massage!!!!! Yes we were pampered. Now in the room relaxing, napping and waiting for our dinner at a 5 star place tonight with another couple.

Tomorrow.......beach, pool, food, and no scheduled activities!!! I have not worn my watch or cell phone since we got here!



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