Thursday, June 26, 2008

30 Days...

If you are not watching 30 Days on FX you are missing out on some of the best 'reality' TV out there. Basically the producers (the people from SUPER SIZE ME) take someone and drop them into a new life for 30 days. So far we have had someone work the coal mines of West Virginia for 30 days, a former NFL players spend 30 days in a wheel chair, a hunter spend 30 days with a PETA family. But last night was fantastic television! A traditional mom spent 30 days with a gay couple who have adopted 4 children. Sparks flew, tension mounted, tears flowed and minds were challenged.

I had some challenges in my own mind. Growing up I was definitely NOT into the gay lifestyle. Over the years I have met and befriended gay people, or as I call them friends. But my mind has always been split. I grew up in an old school environment with some old school ideals. I am one of those weird people that believe in evolution AND creation (that's another LONG post). So while I love my friends, support them and would never deny them any right given to me I am still a little wary of certain issues pertaining to certain groups as a whole. Well after last night my eye have been opened a bit.

At the end of the show the Mom told the gay couple that she respected what they were doing, that they had a loving house and family but she still did not support gays adopting children. I thought I felt the same way, taking a case by case basis. But then again I do not think some straight couples shouldn't be raising families...

I guess I am for FAMILY VALUES, but not Traditional Family Values. Bottom line is when a show can make you rethink some of what you thought were your core values it is definitely worth watching!!!!


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