Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vacation WrapUp...

So we are back from a great vacation.  It was very relaxing and very busy at the same time!!!  Some highlights:

- we stayed with my In-Laws at their place.  They have an incredible home in a nice community.  It is a golf cart community meaning that 98% of everything you need is within driving distance by golf cart and 100% of the residents have one.  We rented one and drove all over going to the movies, Starbucks, eating out, etc.  We swam in the pool and spent some quality time in the hot tub (especially after the day at Disney).  We spend a great time with the In-laws and eventually the sister-in-law and nephew...

- We went to Disney MGM one day, hit the shows (love the Indy show) and of course the son and I did the TOWER OF TERROR!!!!!!!  That was awesome.  

-That same night we hit the Universal Halloween Spectacular with Bloody Mary.  That was fantastic and scary as all hell.  There were 8 haunted houses, 6 scaryzones (theme streets), 3 shows (we went to none) and the main rides (Simpsons was my favorite).  All three of us were at one point or another scared out of our wits.  It was an incredible Halloween treat and I hope to make it an annual event for us!!!!

- Last but not least was the World Series game.  We got tickets to game 2 of Tampa Bay vs Philadelphia.  We had great seats (as you can see below) and had a great time.  A once in the lifetime chance to see a World Series game no matter who was in it.  We took it and enjoyed it.  Bonus was the Rays won...hopefully they win tonight!!!

A few bumps in the road did not ruin the trip but did add to the adventure.  We got a flat tire after the World Series game and ended up driving around downtown St Pete with flat first looking for air and then looking for Fix-a-flat.  We couldn't find a bright area to change the tire and with the long ride (100 miles) I did not want to use the donut.  Once we found air and found it was a puncture we looked for fix a flat and it took 3 tries to find a gas station that had some.  We stopped at the first station that didn't have fix a flat and then asked a cop for directions to the nearest next station.  She told us to turn around and go 2 blocks south but then saw the wife and kid and told us to go 30 blocks north and NOT TO GO SOUTH at all.  We drove the 30 blocks north on the flat and finally fixed it.

The other bump was the plane ride home that took several hours once the delayed flight was ready for boarding we got on and sat for an hour and then had to get off while they had to get us a different plane to take to Indy...

All in all a great vacation!!!!!


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