Thursday, September 25, 2008

Of Great Events...

So the world is going to hell in a handbasket and we just all sit around and wait for it to happen. Sure less people at eating out and auto dealerships are seeing the worst quarters in years. But the line at Starbucks is still long, the Apple store was crowded last weekend and I have yet to see one major group, one rallying point, one standout jump up and saw NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

NOW IS THE TIME to take back this country!

NOW IS THE TIME to bring our troops home from places like Japan and Germany and England

NOW IS THE TIME to shake up Washington, Obama/McCain does not matter, they are the same!

NOW IS THE TIME to volunteer and get out there with an organization and make a difference

NOW IS THE TIME to take back our schools and explain Columbus wasn't a mass murderer (yes that was taught to my son), the Civil War was just as much about State's Rights and the impact that had on our country, this nation was founded on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM not FREEDOM FROM RELIGION, that partisan bullshit is just that bullshit, every American wants the same thing: happiness...

Unfortunately NOW IS THE TIME to do nothing as this will pass and it will all be the same. We had a chance in 2001 to change the course of this great nation and wake from the slumber like our parents/grandparents did after December 7th, 1941 but it is less than a decade later and we are back to those old habits.

I dream of a time when we can hold our heads high as Americans again, instead of watching our own turn on us.

I dream of a time when we are free of foreign influence for oil and products and customer service and that we trade because we want to NOT because we are desperate

I dream of a time when I do not worry that my son will live in a country that USED to be America

But I guess that is all it is, a dream.


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