Sunday, December 22, 2002

I am still here!!!!! Been very busy! Spent the past 2 weeks gettgin ready for the the tree (not decorated), put the lights out, continued shopping. The everything halted as we went to New Orleans for my brothers wedding. Left Friday morning 3:30 AM and went ot bed at 3:00 AM Saturday morning. Got back to New York on Monday night (8pm), back to work, continue Christmas shopping then get to Friday and come out to visit the In-Laws for Christmas, seeing as I work straight through Christmas and New Years this was it and they live about 4hours away. So here we are near Lake George, NY opening gifts and spreading good cheer....I still need to finish shopping, we need to decorate our tree and interior, then get ready for the week long visit (Christmas Day to New Years Day) of my family. I think we have been going non-stop since December 5th......and no rest till January 6th man I could use a day off. I will try to 'blog' a bit more and post some pics of New Orleans (and tell a story or two)!!! Happy Holiday Season to ALL (ps we are still working on our Christmas cards! ha)


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