Friday, March 14, 2003

I'm Back......

The surgery went well on Wednesday. Everyone at the hosiptal was fantastic! But I only saw my surgeon once! My wife and I got there at 11:30am when I was promptly brought back to pre-op for my 1:30 surgery, an IV was installed (ouch) and I changed into my 'gown'. Then we waited, and waited and waited. I was bumed because of a car accident and didn't get into surgery until 6:00pm. Don't remember a thing once I was in the OR or seeing my wife and child after the surgery (around 8pm), them's nice drugs they give you.

Now I am home and recovering. It hurts like hell and it is hard to sit, stand, and sleep, never mind walking!!!! I am painfully typing and surfing for awhile and then upstairs to sit for the afternoon and watch TV or read my books, I've got 10 more days of this, aarrgghh! Maybe I'll try for a shower today (first one since Tuesday, how does my wife deal withthe hospital stink?)

Until Next Time.....


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