Saturday, March 01, 2003

Loyal reader Jamie commented and made me pause.....I lumped anti-war people into one big group however if more people would stand up and protest 'smartly' and state the case, not just vomit up the anti-Bush slogans I wouldn't be so jaded. Really people Sadam is an evil man who needs to be removed and he ain't gonna go quietly. We have a mighty military force and allies for just this reason. Do we like to do it, no! Are there dozens on piss-ant little countries with dictators all over the world we would like to 'take care of', yes! Do we, NO!!! But this guy is a plague upon the Middle East and is a threat to US! Plain and simple. The man has made the UN worthless. Ten years ago they told him to disarm and he has yet to do it. My Dad told me to clean my room and if it wasn't done that day he would kick my ass. So let's all use a little common sense and get Saddam out of power, if we ask him nicely and he says yes, fine. Otherwise drag him out feet first (or anyway in between).

Next time you are on a march, protest against the war, that is your God Given right here in America, I respect you for it. Just make sure you have your facts straight and protest in a peaceful manner.


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