Saturday, March 08, 2003

Women shouldn't drive SUV's

Now before you start with the hate mail let me clarify! People who can't handle large vehicles shouldn't drive them. Now it just so happens my 'problems' always involve women drivers. Don't get me wrong, I think women who can handle an SUV are hot (like my wife and Michele at A Small Victory). The one's I am talking about are the 'Statis Symbol' drivers.

I live in Rochester, New York, where an SUV is a necessity (124 inches of snow annually) as opposed to say LA ( -3 inches of snow). That being said I see more Lexus, Mercedes, and Lincoln luxury SUV's driven daily by 'upper-class soccer moms' than working class Jimmys, Blazers or Jeeps. I am the last person to judge one by what they drive (or earn, wear or their opinions), but if you feel you need that $80,000 vehicle LEARN T0 DRIVE IT!!! You can bearly see over the hood, need a step to get into it, and don't seem to realize that this is not your mother's Chevette and you are much larger than anything on the road. The speed limit is 35/65, do it. If you are too scared to maintain the posted limit get off the road. If there are slippery road conditions (snow, ice) press that button that says 4WD and STAY in the right lane. Never, ever drive in the left lane!!! When you do you irritate and endanger those of us who know how to handle our vehicles. Oh and if you need/enjoy the room and compacity of an SUV and the average snowfall in your area is less than say 20 inches a year, it's called a Mini-Van!


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