Monday, March 24, 2003

Thank God it's Monday
Big, big weekend!!! Saturday started with a visit from my Father-In-Law for my son's birthday. WE had his party at a bolwing ally (what he wanted) and we had a great time. The boys had fun, were well behaved and some even got a strike!!!! My son made out well in the gift area, the other kids (read PArents) were very generous. Thank You cards are on the way.

Sunday brought my baseball draft, not as bad as I thought I would do, but not as well either. I need pitching, I can live with my offense for awhile, I have high hopes for a few youngsters.

Then home to the Oscars. Steve Martin was very funny. I think he and Billy Crystal should rotate each year, I hate when Whoopie hosts. Martin was funny and light and didn't burden us with political shit or stupid hollywood shtick. Very impressed with the winner and lossers. Michael Moore made an ass of himself....that's too bad as his movie deserved the Oscar. It was nice to hear the boos...........

Two more days till work begins. Hoping to hear from NMR about a open position in Indy....cross your fingers. Feeling good and healthy, healing well, 5 hours yesterday at my friends beat the hell out of me.....wonder what 8 hours of work will do?

A final note for now....the war. Been watching like everyone in the country. I feel for the families of our men and women over there. However they have a job to do and are doing it extremely well. Our military planning, training and support are far above and beyond anything any country in the world could field. While not wished for, casualties are expected and I will pray for those men and women. I saw one interview with a man who lost his son last week and he asked all the protesters to put down the signs and the marches and just support our people!! So do so already!


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