Tuesday, March 18, 2003

It's Tuesday
I am not crazy yet but am working on it. Been watching A Band of Brothers and, wow! what a fantastic job they did. It is better the fourth time!!!!

And what a time to watch it. Saw the President last night and was happy!! Yes, Happy!!! Finally the jig is up! I am not a 'war-monger' and do not wish for any loss of life (American, British, Iraqi), but we need to take a stand and finish a job started 10 years ago!!! Saddam has ignored the UN and stuck his middle finger at the world and has been getting away with it for years!!! I am glad we have a President with the balls to stand up to Saddam, the U.N. and the world and say, "This is an evil man!!!! And for the safety of the country and the world he must be stopped!!!!!" It is as simple as that!! And once that is done we should take our ball and go home!!!!

Yes you heard right, let them all kill themselves, let's worry about US for a while. Let's take care of the poor, the homeless, and the crime here at home. Forget sending 40 billion in aid to Africa, how about just 10 billion to education here at home. If the world is so against us taking care of this madman then why don’t you all go take care of yourselves!!! France and Germany are right, let us not meddle in other country's affairs, let's pull out all our aid to them. Let's bring home our men and women stationed abroad and put them to work on our border with Mexico. Let's toss out ALL illegal 'aliens' and give those jobs to our homegrown poor. Let's take the money that was supposed to go to Middle Eastern countries and rebuild our cities, clean up our Inner Cities, fix what is wrong with US, instead of giving money in a bunch of ingrates!!! Dear Turkey, don't want to help, fine! We could use an updated transit system. Saudi Arabia, think we don't hear you bad mouthing us while putting on the "we're friends' face. Fine I would love to see our Police Forces and Fire Departments properly equipped and compensated.

Well you get the point, some would call it "Isolationist", call it what you want, let's take care of us for a change. When the outside threat appears (Saddam) we go out, squash it, and then come back home to our land of the free and home of the brave.


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