Thursday, April 03, 2003

Back In The Saddle

Just got back from my weight group and lost 2 pounds......that means it's a loss every week since January 3rd. Very good says they, I can do better says me......want to try for 5 pounds in 2 weeks....must exercise and record food consumption.

Wife had a GREAT interview today and is on the way home (4 hour drive) but the interview went over 2 hours and she met with the C.F.O. We should hear something in 2 weeks!!

I think Saddam is dead, just a feeling. Nobody has seen him since the first airstrike. Now I am not an evil dictator, or even a Head of State, but if my country was at war and my headquarters, palace, airport was hit and/or taken over by enemy troops I would make sure I made some sort of appearence to rally my people and shake a fist at the world. Not this 'timely' footage of me smoking a cigar that could have been taken 3 years ago.....I would appear live, or with some sort of date marker, newspaper, picture or comment on a recent event......So far nothing, he's dead. And Osama's near death, same thing with I thought we had special units trained to 'deal' with assh*les like this............


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