Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Take 2

Alright, I am still out of work until next Tuesday and have taken to watching Dune, the series not the David Lynch movie. So far so good.

Finished up the Dan Simmon's books and a Steven Erikson novella in the pass 4 days. Summer of Night was excellent, an It for the next generation. A good read and quite spooky. A Winter Haunting was OK, a quick read focusing on one of the characters from Summer of Night, 40 years later. Reminded me of Gerald's Game. What is real, what is imagined? Figure it out for yourself.

CNN states US Airborne in Northern Iraq, it's about time. After watching Band Of Brothers I have a greater respect for airborne troops. "Turkey, we don't need no stinkin' Turkey." Gee, thanks CNN for pointing out our troop positions, strengths and movements, Saddam don't need no intellengence officers, just cable!!!!!! Ye Gods!!!!!


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