Saturday, March 29, 2003

Ah, The Weekend
Woke at 9am this morning, I am back to work on Tuesday, Thank God. I didn't realize how much I would miss work! Yes, I know, you don't believe me but I am someone who likes to always be doing something! Plus the yard is a mess and I couldn't be out there working on it while staying home due to my surgery. Plus it will be nice to see my co-workers again, they are a nice bunch of guys (and 3 girls) and we have a great time at work.......

Been tuning out the war lately, cause I know I will be bombarded with it at work (NBC) and come to hate the coverage. The same thing happened on September 11th. Networks go into OVERKILL! Now I know it was a tragedy, and people needed information, but then it went to far, one month anniversery, 2 month anniversery, 6 month some point I half expected Katie to open the Today Show with, "It's been 9 months, 5 days and 14 hours since 9-11, Good Morning, this is Today!"


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