Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Hello There!!

Wow, June already!!! Did a big wedding this weekend (my sister-in-law) at the Sagamor on Lake George. What a party. The ceremony and reception were both 'outdoors' (under tents because of the weather) with a nice view of the lake. We stayed overnight ($285/room) and it was just like the movies, now I know how the other half lives. All in all a great time had by us!!!!

Still waiting on other jobs, getting very tired. You know how when you think you are leaving something then everything annoys you. Well I am at that place now!!!! Little things, everyday things at work just piss me off now, I get angry at people I've known for years, and I don't need a vacation, I've had 3 weeks already this year plus my 4 weeks for surgery.............

Now it's off to the union thing again, I have a meeting tomorrow and have to develop language for my lawyers to read and approved before we propase it.............


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