Saturday, May 03, 2003


I am finally certified for coaching Little League. And today was our first game. We won 2-1 and my son drove in the winning run and got the game ball. He (and I) was very excited, he went 2-2 with 1 rbi. I love baseball.....

We have been having problems with some furniture we bought some time ago. Long story short, the week after we bought it we found several manufacturer's defects (wrong cushoins, torn fabric, unattached railing, nails sticking out of wood). A service guy came out and looked at it and said all the pieces (4) had to be taken in for repair. No problem, we liked the set and they responded nicely. However, days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into SEVERAL months.....we called every few weeks and were told that the fabric was on back-order. Now the women at the place were very nice and I (much to my wife's surprise) kept my cool. It was not their fault so why waste anger, swear words and threats on them. I had finally reached my limit and 11 months, 28 days after we purchased the furniture I called the General Manager and stated a) the problem, b) the fact that I have been more than understanding with them, c) I have been nothing but nice to all the employees, when others would have swore and pitched a fit after 2 days, and d) I would rather sit on the floor for the next several weeks waiting for new furniture than have these pieces in my house any more......The Manager said he would talk to the ladies and give me a call in an hour. Fifteen (15) minutes later he called and said: a) all involved commented on how understanding and nice I had been to all of them, and b) if I would be home for the next 15 minutes he would send a truck to remove the furniture and get me a full refund.

I know sit on my Lazy-Boy (the only piece of furniture in our living room) and await our new set (something the wife and I picked out today) which should be here in the next few days. And no we did not go back to the other furniture story.........


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