Monday, September 22, 2003

Monday Again

I meant to say blog every MONDAY this week!!!

Very busy indeed. First off continued with the football marathon of practice, practice, practice. Then it was off to Indianapolis to see my new (and only) nephew!!

He is a charmer (2 weeks old) and my sis is doing well. The boy held a baby for the first time and didn't really like it. As the only grandchild on both sides he now realizes he must S H A R E !!! all of the grandparents. He was fine by the end of the trip and looks forward to teaching him boy things, baseball, bike stunts, Game Boy and Yugi-Oh cards.

I had an interview that went very well. IT is for a director position and that is all I'll say for now as not to jinx it. Will know more before Friday.

The drive both ways was killer!!! People are so stupid most of the time. Had to deal with swervers, tail-gaters and slowpokes (the former causing the latter). Morons at the service areas and scaredy-cats after cops (Going 20 miles below the speed limit is just as bad as speeding, especially in the left lane!!!).

We got to experience Isabelle, from Buffalo to Cleveland it rained NON-STOP, then we had clear skies for the whole trip back but for a Cleveland Indian game to tie up traffic. Talked with the wife much about everything, nothing, causes and concerns. All in all a good trip and we'll do it again in November for the baptism (or in 2 weeks God-willing)

Today is back to the old grind stone and I am BEAT. 3 days with 20 plus hours driving can sap ones strength.


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