Friday, December 26, 2003

Christmas was, in the end, great. The boy did well and was very grateful, which is nice to see in a 10 year old. The wife looks HOT in the new leather coat I got her and was quite happy with her gifts. I got my LOTR:TTT ultimate DVD (with Gollum statuette) and the Indiana Jones DVD Pack and LOTR:War of the Ring PC Game, now I need a new Video Card!!!!
The parents, brother (and wife), sister (and son), and Grandma were all happy with their gifts. Next year I an sure we will go all out to decorate as we did not get that chance this year. The wife is already out shopping and getting those 50% off Holiday decorations!!!!!

Still no word on the house, someone looked at it the day before Christmas so we should be doing follow-up next week. Fingers and all other parts are crossed!!!

New Years is on the way, another year already!!!!! This one was good to us, over all. I am short one Gallbladder and the wife was treated poorly but Blockbuster and the union added about 20% more grey hair and took another year off the life but all in all we are blessed. May the joy of the season and a promising New Year be with all of you!!!!!


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