Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Deth too teh Spelcheacker

We have become a lazy society dependent upon many 'do-it-for-you' applications in everyday life. Automated car washer, cruise control, Digital Video Recorders, Coffee Makers, Remote Controls, TI Calculators, etc. My main enemy today is the spellchecker. It is on every word processor and e-mail generator and blog tool known to man. I had to reboot my computer recently and that resets every application to the default and I always have Outlook check my spelling before sending any mail. It has been like that forever and I just type away e-mails as fast as my two fingers can keep up with my mind then hit send and correct all the spelling. However the spellchecker was turned off and when I hit send off my e-mail went with atrocious spelling mistakes to coaches, parents and league board members. Being my witty self I resent the e-mail with corrections in red and a thanks to the inner child for coming out and expressing his love for Little League but we might have to cut back practices to get a little more schooling in........

Last week there was a huge uproar at the schools because they were no longer providing calculators for some standardized testing they do every year. They claimed the students could solve all the math without a calculator but they did not bar any student from bringing their own from home. This of course became a Rich v Poor, Inner City v Suburbs issue. The bottom line is the kids can do the math but they never had to grab a piece of scrap paper and work it out long hand like we had to do back when calculators had + and - anything else was bonus. And you NEVER where able to bring it into a test and every math quiz had the dreaded direction: SHOW YOUR WORK!

Plus how many times have you torn the living room apart, flipping couches, looking under rugs, checking the refridgerator or by the phone looking for the TV remote to turn the volume up while actually passing the TV 15 times, maybe even placing your hands on it as you look behind it and in the Entertainment Center yet still not turning it down?!?!?!?!?!??!

Rebel!!!!!!! Use scrap paper, grind your own coffee beans, get off the coach and change that channel and for God's Sake, please check your own spelling. Now I am going to hit Spell Check and AutoPost.....good day!


At 8:02 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Quite honestly, I never use spell check. Years ago when I was in journalism I had to proof read everything and I just never got out of the habit. Do I still make mistakes? Yup. But I catch most of it. And I have this hand-dandy book next to my computer called a "dictionary". I found it in a rare book store. ;)

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