Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ramble On

Just back from the workout and time to browse and see who wrote what.......

Back now. I sent out a blanket e-mail this weekend wishing all my contacts in my address book a Happy Thanksgiving. This group consists mainly of family, friends and co-workers. Just a few words: Happy Thanksgiving from the new Mid-Westerner.

I have since received tons of responses and replied in length to each one. It was nice to see lengthy replies and pushed me to respond in turn and reconnect with people I haven't seen in over a year. I got to thinking about my childhood friends. I had many friends I left behind when we moved around NY when I was younger and I mostly lost touch with everyone. Why did it happen, lack of communication and location. The 2nd I could not fix but the first can be partially (I take most of the heat) to blame. Looking around today you see everyone has e-mail, text messaging, cell phone, blogs and voice mail. Back when I was growing up every home had one phone, and it had a cord attached to the headset and a rotary dial. Back then to keep connected you had to pick up a pen and write out a letter, stamp it, mail it and wait a week for a response (if the person replied quickly). Or you could pick up the phone and call. The problem with that was that with one line and no such thing as call waiting, time was limited and parents patience was very short. Over time those old friends became a few notes in the mail and a Christmas Card every year.

Today I am jealous of many of my co-workers, mostly 10 years younger and still closer to their graduation year than their 5 year reunion. They still keep in touch with their college buds thru e-mail, cell phones and Instant Messaging. What a wonderful tool this internet is. With it one can connect with their entire "circle" and stay in touch with ease. It takes but a minute to jot down an e-mail and send it on it's way, and bam I can continue a friendship and keep in touch with those who mean something to me.

God bless the information super highway. That and internet porn.


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Interent Porn? Really? *sly grin*

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