Thursday, December 02, 2004

Death to PC (no not the computer)!!

Enough is enough!!!

I am done with Political Correctness!!! This would usually fall under my annual Christmas Rant about Christmas vs X-Mas. This is the Christmas Season, not some bland generic Winter Season, or Winter Solstice, but Christmas. Black Friday would not be Black Friday without people buying CHRISTMAS GIFTS. They flock to Target or Walmart or Costco to buy CHRISTMAS Lights and CHRISTMAS decorations. Landscaping/Gardening Shops have a successful off season selling CHRISTMAS trees and CHRISTMAS wreathes. Local Choirs, orchestras and Theater Companies sell tickets to CHRISTMAS shows, CHRISTMAS plays, and sing CHRISTMAS carols. And for the love of God people, I go to my sons CHRISTMAS Concert to hear Silent Night, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Joy to the World and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. If you do not celebrate the birth of Jesus then do not participate. Enjoy the festivities and celebrations of your faith and have fun, but DO NOT deny me the ability to enjoy mine!!

Everything you do everyday will offend someone, somewhere. I am sick to death of it. If what I say or do or believe offends you then do not interact with me, do not listen to me talk of my holiday season, sing my carols; do not look at my house with my lights and reindeer and Christmas tree. But this goes beyond Christmas. This goes to everyday life. Some people feel that if it is not good for one it is not good for all, or if it offends one then noone can do it. We see it in the schools were idiots have banned Dodgeball because it is too violent, where one school has banned girls from doing cartwheels cause less talented kids might try to do one and get hurt. Little League teams do not keep scores because no one wants to lose. Towns can not put up Nativity Scenes and school must use Diversity Trees as not to offend Jews, Muslims, Atheists and Kwanzities. People are suing to remove the word GOD from our Pledge. This is insane.

The beauty of our country, which makes it the envy of others, is our freedom to do what we will. Unfortunately many have taken that to mean the freedom to force our will on others. It has already infiltrated our schools and texts books and our kids today are learning filtered history. No mention of God at the first Thanksgiving, focusing on slavery as the sole cause of the Civil War (while State vs Federal government rights was the main cause and most Northerners could care less what had happened to the blacks of the time, it made for a good moral rally cry).

I am done living life in fear of offending others (not that I really ever had) by what I say or how I believe. If I offend and someone call me on it, I will explain my beliefs and if they cannot respect them then too bad, back off. And this is not the same as being racial or crude but having to do with core beliefs. Not dropping the n-bomb, or gay bashing. And we better take control sooner than later or our children will all be playing sit in a circle for 20 minutes and do nothing during recess and learning how their parents played Livestock People vs Migrational Native Americans when we were growing up.


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