Monday, February 21, 2005

Bad Movies

I have been on a bad movie run lately and not by choice. The last 2
movies I have seen absolutely sucked!!!! The first was potential
thriller The Forgotten. The trailer gave it away (at least to me) and
the alternate ending on the DVD was the exact same ending just shot a
little different. Alternate endings to me are Frodo does not make it
to Mt Doom or Thelma and Louise give up at the end of the chase, not
different angles and an added shot. Forget the Forgotten.

The second movie was a loser to start but had the popcorn/camp feel at
first. House of the Dead, based on the video game of the same name,
was DOA. The movie was so bad that they needed to insert clips of the
video game to make it run 90 minutes. Terrible, awful and a waste of
time. The only good thing was when the Ship's Captain (Captain Kirk)
first walks on they show the ravers and one says "Were did they pick
up this U-Boat Captain" and then they show the captain, Jurgen
Prochnow in similar attire from his famous role in Das Boot. Would
have been funny if not forced. Skip both and go straight to Shaun of
the Dead, AWESOME!!!!!!!


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