Monday, January 31, 2005

The Morning After

So I felt like crap yesterday as I got hit with the bug that was floating around my house all weekend. Will try to make it to work and stick it out for the week. Wasn't able t workout this morning but will switch to Tuesday and Thursday one week only.

The Iraqi elections were held this weekend, since I've been on the wrong side to the bathroom door to hear the TV I know nothing of how it went or how many were killed by the terrorists. That being said I question the rapidness of these elections. You see I think that Bush etal are rushing things a little because of the bitchers and nay sayers here in the states. Back in the post WWII days it took YEARS for the defeated to come back together and reform their governments. It took almost 4 years before Germany held elections and almost 6 years until they held them in Japan. Then we have Iraq which is going on less than a year before elections when parts of the country are still hostile.

Why are we not using the air power we have?? Why are we sending in our men and women to parts of the country which are not secure? Why are we not bombing these bastards back to the stone age, and why did we not do that in the first place? Simple: Politics. This way the poor terrorists have a chance at defending themselves. We hit several terrorist bases with bombs early in the game and the media and the left cried foul when the Iraqis said we bombed a wedding party, at 3am, 50 miles from the nearest town, in the desert, where satellites had confirmed terrorists activities. A wedding, so we stopped bombing sites and instead sent our boys in to die fighting hand to hand with these monsters. The enemy is not hiding in the sand, they are not in basements building suicide bombs or kidnapping random people, they are living next door to you, shouting and shaking a fist at a rally, helping fund the legal fees of captives at guantonamo bay. It is the lawyers in the ACLU twisting our legal system to take God out of the Pledge of allegiance, getting illegals and criminals millions in lawsuits against the United States. Do you have the right to protest, assemble and speak out, YES!!!! But why is it that during the Democratic National Convention in Boston, the 'republican' protestors were given an area to protest in and all went off without a hitch or complaint or media coverage but when the Republicans moved to New York and the 'democratic' protestors showed up there was screaming and spitting and general mayhem. "I will send these delegates to the bad sections of town if they ask me for directions, I will make them feel unwelcome in my city" these are quotes from protestors at the time. That is the enemy, these are the people destroying our great nation. These are the true hatemongers, if they put as much energy and actions into their community as they do against those who have different views then maybe this country would be a better place. Until then we will have friends, family and neighbors who care more about the treatment of terrorists and the rights of criminals than they do about the homeless in their backyard and the family who live in a van down the street.

Guess I am feeling a little better, off to work now!


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

The elections as a whole went well. There was little fighting and some casualties (sp?). Voting was heavy in some areas and light in others. I got the feeling that voted in the states (I didin't quite understand that) were very happy to be able to vote.

Hope you are feeling better!


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