Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Your Response Sir....

I was going to write today about children and when is the time to have them, but I was over at Greg Beck's site, Death's Door, and he was writing about yesterday's story about teens thinking the First amendment is to loose and needs to be stricter. Go read.....

You're back, good, here's my take. I think a lot of it has to do with the irresponsibility of the media. The big oops I remember was Oklahoma City, no one in their right mind would think that 2 skinny white boys would blow up an American Federal Building and the big three (ABC, NBC, CBS) had all their Middle East experts on the tube trying to figure out who did this. Then the truth came out and they were all over themselves apologizing to the Arab Street (Don't worry they said we'll get you later). The 9/11 happened and while no one was "jumping to conclusions even though we have video of Arab men (some known with terrorist ties) getting on board the flights any number of things could have happened. As soon as that dies down you have the media bias against Bush and the 2004 elections. It is hard to trust a media that has one of it's big chiefs (Rather) go on the air with false documents when a majority of the research staff and outside expects could not authenticate the papers, because it suited him and his beliefs to go forward with the story. The same can be said of newspapers (New York Times). We are more interested in Jen and Ben or Brad or whomever is the flavor of the month than real news. There have been several young girls killed in the Indianapolis area over the past year but because none of them were cute little beauty pageant girls from affluent families in Colorado you never saw them on The Evening News, or 20/20 or even 60 Minutes.

I think the First amendment is fine the way it is, but maybe these teens are looking for Freedom of RESPONSIBLE Speech. They want the media to check their facts, they want true Fair and Balanced reporting of stories. If I want a leftist or rightist bias I can listen to talk radio, or the varied name shows on CNNBCMSNFOXNEWS, not watching the national evening news and it's related programs.

Want to see the proper use of the Freedom of Speech, watch Meet the Press with Tim Russert, Sunday mornings on NBC. The only newsman doing it right!


At 10:11 AM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

Do you live in my brain? Anyway, I was just talking to the Bubby about this the other day. We happened to be watching Fox news (more like we were channel surfing and we paused) the other day and their famous tag line came up. Fair and Balanced. I chuckled becasue the more the say it the less likely I believe it. It's funny because how many people get their news from a fake new show(The Daily Show)because its more fair (ewww) and it more balanced than any of the real life news casts.


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