Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What City Please......

When I was younger and you would call the operator a person would get
on the line and ask what city you were looking for. That person was
usually locally employed and got you the info. Later when companies
started getting help lines the person on the other end of the line
could have been local but most likely lived in the city of the
company's headquarters and would help you from there.

Today most likely you will get someone on the other side of the world
with a computer screen and enough English to get by. I have had this
happen twice with 2 different companies. First was Dell when I had to
reinstall Windows, I got a hold of some woman in India that I could
not understand. I called back several times before I got a clear line
with someone who understood what I was saying. This morning I found
that my DSL access was down and had to call SBC for help. I got a
hold of someone in the Philippines who had me reset my computer and
portal then told me he had run out of options on his screen and would
have to have someone call me back at a later time. I pay a lot of
money every month to have fast Internet access and when I call for
help I get someone I can hardly hear (half a world away) or understand
(English as a 2nd language) that just follows the prompts on their
screen in hopes they fix something. Now I told them to call tonight
between 7pm and 10pm when I get home from work, however when I called
them to check up on it they had the trouble ticket and call time set
to their local time (11pm instead of the 9am when I called) so I
wonder when they will call me? I'd let you know but I am not sure
when I will be getting access back at home.

Not THAT pisses me off.


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