Thursday, April 14, 2005

No Witty Title

I Am getting so absent minded lately that it is not funny, I had a great post idea yesterday and forgot it. Then had a fleeting memory as I walked up the stairs now and lost it when I sat down. Did my blog read to see if anyone else could trigger a memory then back here and nothing.

If you are not watching The Shield you are missing quality television! FX, about 100 times a week, get on board now!!!!! If you have premium channels then add Deadwood to your weekly list of MUST SEE TV.

I finished Juiced by Jose Canseco and I must say I am a little impressed. While he was a little over the top and everything he wrote must be called into question there is some truth hidden in his ego fed fantasy. Some have called this the Ball Four of this generation, I have read Ball Four and it is a good read, a real insiders look at baseball in the 60's. Juiced is no Ball Four, it could have been but Jose likes to attack the more popular players, defend every action he ever took and stroke his uh ego so everyone knows he's a man. The sad things is that even though I do not agree with him he does make an interesting argument for steroids and the possibility exists that juiced players today maybe the pioneers we look to tomorrow. While I do have my doubts if you skim away the crap Jose does have an interesting point to make. That all being said, I enjoyed the over the top read, thought most of it a bunch of lies and still feel that steroids have no place in modern baseball.


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