Thursday, April 07, 2005


Alright I see site traffic has jumped and I am nowhere to be found. Truth is I was on vacation, tried to post via e-mail and it got bounced back. So much has happened and I am too tired for works.......I drove 947 miles yesterday non-stop but for gas and bathroom breaks. So here it goes:

The Pope: The Pope passed while we were away and although I thought I would save it for a separate post I it is an important event in my life and deserves top billing. I remember when he was made Pope in 1979, my family went to see him in Central Park on his first visit (I still have a Pope John Paul II pennant banner and a comic book). Though I may not seem very religious I have a deep sense of faith and consider myself a practicing Catholic and the Pope the head of my faith. He was the only Pope I knew and did great things to further the Catholic faith to all regions of the world. I was truly saddened by his passing and feel the next Pope has some pretty big shoes to fill. I truly know he is sitting up there looking down on us and still caring and worrying about his flock.

Shiavo: She also passed while away and I feel only this. Sadness that she was used as a puppet by so many different "issues groups". I am glad her suffering is ended and hope that the families can move on and that if any foul play is discovered that it be dealt with severely and that if this was all accidental that the people involved have peace and are left alone after having such a private issue dragged into the national spotlight.

Vacation: I missed commenting on all that because I was on vacation. We left last week and drove to New York to do some visiting, exploring and baseball drafting. My big event was my annual fantasy baseball draft. We had it, I did OK, and it was a great time to see friends I have missed since moving to Indiana. Some did not make it but we had a great time none the less. I expect a great fantasy season and can not wait till next year's draft.

While out there we visited the wife's family. We have a 3 week old nephew we saw for the first time and visited family we haven't seen in over a year, at least. It was a great visit. We ate and talked and shopped and played games, took pictures, read, ate and ate. Did I mention the wife's family owns a restaurant? Did I mention that New York has the BEST FOOD ANYWHERE? Did I mention we had like 15 different places we wanted to eat at but could only hit a few? I need to workout.

Yesterday was the be all end all. We left at 9am from Lake George, NY and wanted to hit that baseball mecca, Cooperstown. While a bit off the beaten path it was well worth the trip. The boy and I had a great time and even the wife enjoyed the displays. We only spent 2 hours and that was enough to not feel rushed (the movie theater was closed for repairs so we missed the best part of the museum). While smaller than you think I has some great displays and we took plenty of pictures. The boy killed his batteries before we were done with the 3rd floor (working down). It was great and a must for ANY Baseball fan to visit once in a lifetime. I know the boy and I will be back again!

After Cooperstown we jumped in the car and drove all the way home arriving at 3am this morning. A VERY LONG drive but worth it to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. Now I am off to unpack the car and get ready for work.

PS: Our 100 hour DVR for the TV is down to 45 minutes, looks like a lot of TV for us to watch!


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