Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mr. Bitterman, Party of One

Tons of stuff out and about so here goes the rants:

We just got a new control room and office at the station. It is state of the art, nice, clean and roomy. Our office has computers, a door that closes and I have an actual desk to put photos and such up. All in all a nice job was done on almost everything. Except my/our workstation in the control room. See I work with a video switcher, maybe 4ft wide by 2.5 ft deep plus various routers and racks mounted behind it. Well the powers that be decided on the dimensions of the desk tops around the switcher and the angles of the mounted routers based on what LOOKED good to them, people who do not sit and use the equipment. Now all the routers and switcher menu are out of reach and unusable. When we complain they give us a look like what you don't like all the hard work we did?!?!? They measured and found they had put the equipment 5 inches out of reach for the TALLEST guy we have, none too smart. Now they have to retrofit these panels and they are going to look like a hack job. Me, I blame the carpenter, who is also the brother of one of the employees. He built 3 work stations, one was 2.5 inches to big and overhangs a raised platform, one was 4 inches too big and blocks a handicaped ramp and one was 2 inches too short (ours) and had to be raised. One thing after another......

Rant 2.1:

Talked to an old buddy this weekend and was surprised to find a) some people in NY are still pissed/angry about what went down with the union and are still talking about it and b) it still got my goat when he told me about it. What is comes down to is this: noone wanted to job so it was handed to me, my executive board decided to have their own secret meetings and discuss ways to sabotage the station and got found out by the station and the union, same said executive board lied to everyone about it therefore eliminating all trust I ever had in them and forcing me to look to my staff rep as the only help in making difficult decisions. Now one year later they seem to forget their part in it and lay the blame at my feet.

Well fuck you you backstabbing, lying cock sucking motherfuckers, I gave 6 years of my life to a cause you wanted nothing to do with and when you did get involved you fucked it up and passed the buck. Well now I am miles away and happy in my job and place in life and you all are still wallowing in the shit you created. You deserve every fucking thing that happens to you and my only regret is that the handful of you selfish bastards make life more difficult for the rest of the union members you seem to forget you represent. Stop fucking each other up the ass thinking you are the coolest thing since white bread and come to realize you are fucking miserable people who aren't well thought of outside your little circle and your actions have consequences that affect the unit as a whole. I did the best I could with the help of my staff rep and various members and none from my reps from one station. To those being represented by them, step up and get involved before they do irreparable damage.



At 2:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes. Want a Midol?

At 8:03 AM, Blogger Holly said...

You tell 'em Bryan! Worthless pieces of shit!


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