Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Reap What You Sow.

SO this 10 year old this morning steals his aunts car and gets into a high speed chase with the police and ends up losing control and wrapping around a tree just missing a home. Dumb ass 10 year old, if it was my son would be beaten till black and blue, then a few more whacks to prove the point. This all happens ONE DAY after another local kid (15) gets into it with police in another high speed chase and rams a police car killing the police officer inside. They want to try him as an adult and I hope and pray they get that chance and this kid disappears for the next 5-10 in Big Boys Prison.

Right before I left New York the same thing happened with reverse consequences. Young man goes on joy ride and leads cops all over downtown Rochester. He goes into a dead end street and while turning around the police set up a roadblock. Police cars across the road, officers on the street yelling, pointing guns and waving to stop, kid guns the engine and aims the vehicle towards one officer. Bang, bang, dead boy. The kicker is it was a black youth and white cops and the local reverend and Association of Everything Is Racist come out and call for the officers heads. Thank God the Chief stood up to the activists, the troublemakers and the mayor. Boy does bad, boy puts lives in jeopardy, officer put in position to choose his life or the criminals life. Sorry your boy is dead but officer reacted properly.

I am not saying the boy deserved to die, but in the end when it comes down to man trying to protect his community, life, fellow officers and family versus man committing crime and trying to do more harm, I pull the trigger every time.

Kinda like this Italian Reporter accident in Iraqi. Do not tell me a US patrol just opens up after they comply and stop their car. They were getting the hell out of dodge and didn't stop for no one. Again, no happy they are dead but better them then our boys slaughtered by a car bomber. PS the Italians paid the terrorists 2 million for her release, now you know who to thank for the next several hundred suicide bombers.



At 8:43 AM, Blogger Holly said...

I am totally with ya on that Bryan!


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