Monday, March 07, 2005

We Don't Need No Education

SO the weekend is over the Monday is here. We had a good week last week, worked the boy hard and he really stepped up to the plate. I contacted each and every one of his teachers via e-mail and discussed our concerns with them, instant feedback. Everyone of his teachers spoken with the boy and let him know that They knew he was an A student in New York and he needed to take responsibility and get back to trying his best. We worked on him at home and spent a lot of the week helping with homework and giving him that mental push so he could complete it on his own. I think it also helps that he is getting involved outside of school again. We sort of took a break after Fall Baseball and Football, with the holidays and school break, new year and all the other lame excuses I do not need to write. That said, Baseball is here (tryouts last night), he is finally involved in Boy Scouts and we sign up for a few summer camps, one at the YMCA is for Junior Councilors which he wants to do and they pay him after the camp is done.

Good one for the boy this week so I am leaving on a positive note this post as to not dole out any bad karma.

Till next time.


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