Monday, January 23, 2006

Lzy Sunday

Spent the whole day in pj's, watched too much TV, cleaned the house and did major work on Boy this morning my foot hurts and I did not work!!!!

Nothing much to say, spent much of yesterday working in the Winter Camporee and for the last 40 minutes of my day I actually loaded my PC game I got for Christmas (Age of Empires III). I played the tutorial and then went to bed.

The boy cooked dinner last night for home eck class, hot dogs and mac and cheese but he did it himself. In between phone calls and spreadsheets and rule clarifications I managed to add some photos to my ipod, yipee!!!

Since I am home today (no workout) I am leaving early to run errands and hit the job early to finish some paperwork....

Til Next Time

PS Yes there is no 'a' in Lazy....that's how lazy we were!


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