Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesdays With Bryan

History is all around us!!! I marvel sometimes at the lack of knowledge people have of their own country, let alone, town, city or family! People are too busy trying to revise history, so as not to offend, that the marvel of what was done is lost. Is all history perfect, no...are we proud of every aspect of our history, no...but it is what made us what we are today, or better yet yesterday as what we are today is mostly based on revisionist history. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln were not perfect people, Native Americans were treated horribly in the past and slavery was part of the WORLD at the time, the US turned a blind eye to Hitler for years and this great nation was built on the backs of men and women who left the East Coast with nothing more than a horse, some seed and a few clothes and stepped into the wilderness to find the West Coast and reclaim the dark...

What I am saying is to find out things for yourself and do not depend on others to enlighten you for their views may be altered based on their beliefs and convictions. History is written by the victors but there in lies the true story, you just have to work a little to find it sometimes...


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