Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Round Up

Still here but under the weather. Spent the weekend in a daze, but a busy daze at that. Spent Saturday cleaning the house and preparing for the boy's party. It started at 4pm went until 8ish and was a huge success!! There were 13 kids here (boys and girls) and they played Twister, Texas Holdem, Jenga, Operation, Mega-Uno (4 decks), some DVD games and Football outside (with the girls too!!) We had chips, drinks, pizza and a build your own Sundae at the end with Cookie Cake. They watched some TV as the parents came to pick them up and the boy had 3 of them (no girls) stay over and they went upstairs to the Video Game room (his new name for the Family Room) were they ate, played and talked till all hours of the night. All in all a great time had by all!!!!!

Sunday was a recoup day. The wife and I were still sick and hardly moving. Since we cleaned after the party there was nothing to do. We still want to paint the hallway and I am in the middle of a HUGE clean out of the office! I am doing very well and tossing out things that I would have kept last year, I am turning over a new leaf in my pack rat ways, hopefully!!!! We went to the Super Target to spend some of the boy's birthday money, he got new headset for the Ipod and a wallet (his Christmas one was eaten by the dog). Then off to the grocery store were we saved $80 with coupons!!!! Awesome!!!!!

Sunday night was a complete collapse. The boy was in bed by 8 and I did some Fantasy Baseball work then watched Heist and Family Guy then off to bed!

I was reading a baseball magazine the other day when the wife went "Oh, shit!!" I jumped and asked what was the matter and she said, "I just realized it is baseball season, so I will say goodbye to you till October, have a nice summer!" I laughed but in some ways it is true. I travel back to New York next week for the draft, the one time a year now that we all get together as friends and fanatics and enjoy a day 'with the boys'.

Here's hoping your weekend was less hectic and even lesser sick!!!!

Till Next Time

TV Watchlist
  • Prison Break
  • 24
  • Sopranos
  • The Dark Kingdom (SciFi)


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