Monday, August 14, 2006

The Start of Something Different....

So here is how it started. For the past week of so I have been sick, half way through my tongue felt like some had sprayed that cough suppressant on it, it was thick and nothing tasted right. On Friday I woke up and had pins and needles on the side of my face. When I tried to brush my teeth and rinse all the water came out one side of my mouth. On the way home from work while listening to music my ear was KILLING me.

When I awoke on Saturday the right side of my face was totally unresponsive and a little droopy. I get to the doctor's and they tell me it is Bell's Palsy. So now I am stuck with a few new realities. This can go away next week or next year, no one knows. No one knows the cause as well, two forerunners are herpes or stress. Since I have been with the same woman (and she me) since 1991, I think I can rule out herpes. Also since I work in TV with a bunch of idiots I think I can pinpoint Stress.

So now I have to do the following:
- adjust my way of speaking (since that is what I do for a living) so people can understand me
- eat on the other side of my mouth
- relearn how to drink out of a straw
- learn a new way to communicate with my dog (I can no longer whistle)
- tape my eye shut at night so I can sleep
- learn to use eye drops to keep eye from drying out (I HATE EYE DROPS)
- get over the fact that NO ONE is looking at me when I talk now even though it sounds funny in my ear

Those are just a few things. The high point is that it is hard to eat so I am eating less!! And to ease the nerve I am letting things slide off of my back. I just have to, I was always a high stress guy anyway, now I know it can hurt me in other ways. Thank God it did not take a heart attack to figure that one out. I think I can live with this on a temporary basis as a warning!!!

Thank you all for the kind works left here and in my mailbox!!! It is nice to have another outlet to thoughts and feelings and issues. And it is nice to have online friends.

Thank You.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

My Dad had that right before I go married (um that would be 12 years ago I think). Did they give you any steriods to help with the inflamation? I know that there are some camps out there that say they don't do any good but they can't hurt either. Poor guy. I hope you are better soon. Look at it this way, if you are not better by Halloween you have the start of a GREAT costume. There use to be a school of thought that it is a virus. Never heard of the herpes or stress theories but what do I know. Take care!

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

I guess I could have read the fact sheet before I spouted off!


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