Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday's With Bryan

OK, the weekend did go well. We ate at some very nice places and had some good company. We bought some art for our living room (a first) and the boy got some nice clothes and a few 'toys'. All in all it was a very nice visit. We are looking forward to visiting them in FLA in a few months. On a fun note, Rachel Ray has mentioned their restaurant in her magazine. She had been going there since she was 12 and my in-laws and her family are very close. They got a call from her and she wants to put their place on her $40-A-Day program. Very nice!!!

On the work front, it was HORRIBLE. I had to be at the Racetrack at 4am and then sat there until the rest of the station showed up. Production crew call was 4am, everyone else was 5am and they had the keys to the rooms. So I waited for 45 minutes at 4am sitting on a concrete floor. When I left I found I had a flat tire. And those were the best two things that happened that morning.

To sum up the entire event I give you this conversation that happen one minute to air:

Me: "Hello Sub Control" (into Radio), "Hello Sub Control"

Me: (To Producer behind me at the track) "Producer, (On the phone with the producer in Sub Control), can you please tell the producer to tell the Sub Director to listen to my radio channel, I cannot talk to her, she cannot hear me."

Producer: "Listen to your channel, OK." (into phone) "Hello sub producer can you, hello sub producer...darn it (yes darn it) Bryan can you tell the Sub Director that the Sub Producer hung up on me and I need them to call me back ASAP."


Yes it was one of those days....