Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Important story note: My AC is dead in the car so the windows are all rolled down when I drive.

So I am on my way into work today when some guy in a van cuts me off twice while trying to make a left hand turn then deciding that it was not the correct street. Twice he cut me off and twice I beeped (no finger yet). I get to my turn and get into the turn lane and he goes straight. At the red light I turn and look at him while I pass and he gives me the finger, I return it and make my left on the green arrow/light. As I turn I hear someone yelling and it is the guy (suit/tie, my age) leaning out the window yelling "Fuck you motherfucker!!" and giving my the finger. I continue on my way (he is out of finger range) and turn right to head to the Speedway to get my credentials for the Allstate 400. At an intersection I look and see the same guy at the stop light, he sees me and yells again "Fuck you motherfucker!" and gives me the finger, this time as the light turns I have time to return the salute. He then crossed 3 lanes of traffic and starts to chase me. I'm thinking game on, this NY driver is going to smoke this hayseed, but he starts to catch up and we are approaching a bridge and traffic. He gets behind me in the lane next to me and starts to inch up, right before the bridge is a right which I take hard and the back end slides out, FUCK YA!!!!! He crosses the bridge and I head to a parking lot to turn around. After a few minutes (yes I was hiding) I get back onto 16th street (to the Speedway) and cross the bridge. As I cross I see the guy on the left hand side pointing at me and he pulls out into traffic and continues to chase me. I take off and look for a good street to the right, there is lots of industry down here and lots of dead ends and I do not want to get caught as now I am thinking this motherfucker is crazy. I find a nice paved street, turn and floor it, he follows ( I do catch air on one bump). Ahead I see a stop sign with a car turning right and traffic coming from the left but all clear from the right; I blow past the stopped car and the stop sign, beat the traffic and turn left. I then proceed to make random turns for the next few blocks always keeping the last known location of the crazy behind me.

I turn down one road and it starts to loop back so I stop and turn around into a parking lot and call a friend who lives nearby. As I am wired and telling him what happened he tells me to turn around and head in a direction to get to the Speedway, as I pull out of the parking lot I am talking to him and relating the story I see a car turn down the road, as I look up the car GETS IN MY LANE and heads towards me. I freak out and yell in the phone, THE DUDE FUCKING FOUND ME, I jump a curb into another parking lot to get around him and take off again, he stops and turns around in the street and comes after me. For the next 10 MINUTES (the phone call lasted 13:22) I call out street names and my friend tells me where to go. I finally lose him and skip the Speedway and get to work.

All in all the chase lasted about 20 minutes, I was 30 minutes late to work as I did not want this guy to know where I worked and took some odd routes just in case. In hind sight I should have called 911 immediately, but my blood us up and I figured once he got the last finger he would leave, I did not expect him to lay in wait for me and by that time my adrenaline was pumping and I was just trying to drive. I was so wired when I got to work I was shaking and when I told the story to my boss I must have looked freaked out because she told me to just hang in the office for awhile to calm down.

Holy Shit, that was fucked up!!! If the AC was working I would never of heard his FU and never returned the second finger. Damn you Oldsmobile!


At 1:21 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

You are lucky that he didn't have a gun. Now, don't ever do that again, even if you hear him. Let them be assholes and rise above. IT's no reason to have the shit beat out of you or to be killed. And yes, you should have called 911. I'll get off my soap box now. I'm sounding a bit too much like me mother!

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Laine Morgan said...

Holy cow, Bryan! That is too intense! I'm glad he didn't hurt you or shoot you or anything. Man, people today are insane.

At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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