Friday, August 11, 2006

Steam Heat

Yesterday was a Count To 10 Day. Everything I seemed to do and everyone I interacted with pissed me off. I would like to blame being sick. I have a ringing in my ear, my tongue feels like I sprayed that cough suppressant stuff on it 24/7 (which I have not) and driving home I noticed a pressure in my right ear when the music was a little loud.

I am hoping to get to the end of the day without any more outbursts and then take tomorrow off. I have to work both the job and the freelance on Sunday so basically 4am till 10pm, but I can use the money and will not be bitching too much on that one. If it weren't for the OT I would have called in already but once you do that you lose the OT money and it become straight time.

On the other hand the wife and I have been having some nice conversations lately. Maybe it is my illness that keeps me on the couch and in talking range or the alone time we have with the boy out till 10pm, but either way I am enjoying it and grow to love her more and more every day!!!

On a totally unrelated note but tied to my mood is the current terrorist situation. So now I cannot carry my ipod, water, a book, a snack, the boy's PSP, a cell phone, chapstick, contact solution, etc, etc, etc, etc on a plane because some followers of the religion of peace tried to blow up some airplanes again....

When will the world wake up and realize we are AT WAR!!!! Stop trying not to 'offend' people and DO THE RIGHT THING! Take every Middle Eastern person that tries to get on a plane and search them. Do not make my 86 year old Grandmother take off her shoes, do not stop the black couple with 2 kids and make them empty their diaper bag, do not search the business man's briefcase...take a look at the people who are committing these acts of war and take them aside and search them. Two of the 9/11 animals got through security because the guard was worried if he stopped them he would get in trouble for 'profiling'. He has since quit his job and last I heard was in some therapy. That is unfortunate because we could use more men like him without the ACLU/PC restraints.

With names like Abdula Ahmed Ali, Cossor Ali, Shazad Khuram Ali, Nabeel Hussain, Tanvir Hussain, Umair Hussain, Umar Islam, Waseem Kayani, Assan Abdullah Khan, Waheed Arafat Khan, Osman Adam Khatib, and Abdul Muneem Patel I wonder what type of people they were. They sound a little Irish, maybe German and I think Waseem Kayani might be Russian. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!

I know that rant makes me sound like a racist, but if keeping my eye on the type of people that killed thousands on 9/11 keeps me and mine alive, then I am a racist.


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