Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Been having trouble sleeping lately. I keep waking up at all hours of the night to find that is was only 15 minutes or 40 minutes since I last checked the clock. What the heck?

I crashed hard last night. After all the 'excitement' of the morning, with the adrenaline driving me most of the day. When I got home and just sat it was like I ran 10 miles. All the energy sapped out of me and I was a puddle on the couch. While in bed talking with the wife the enormity of the chase finally hit home. I never really thought to call 911 because I was just trying to get the hell away from the guy and that was my biggest mistake. Today I am calling the police and making a report. I know it will do no good now, but with a description of the vehicle if it happens again to someone else they'll have more to go on. My wife kept saying I should have reported the license plate but I was always in front of him and here in Indiana we do not have front license plates.

TO make matters worse the boy tells me a story in which at band camp yesterday him and 3 other boys were rolling a 500lbs cart loaded with equipment across the school parking lot when a car comes screeching around the corner, using the parking lot as a short cut, slams on the breaks and honks the horn at them. They all stop what they are doing and stare at the guy they then move out of his way and the guy burns rubber and honks at them as he drives away. The band leader was behind then and started to run up to the car when it took off. I told the boy to NEVER EVER mess with people like that, you never know what type of crazy is behind the wheel.


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