Monday, September 25, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away...

We did have a busy weekend, it just got rained out. On Saturday we were up at the crack of dawn for this weekends band competition (again in Cincy) but the forecast was for 100% rain and they changed it from an on field marching competition to an indoor festival. While a good idea it was not worth the drive, gas money, etc, so the band practiced for this weekend's comp in Louisville!!!

Sunday dawned with little to no rain in the forecast and we hit the baseball diamond at Noon and found the fields flooded. SO our double headere was out. We did get some BP in for the boys that did show up. After the BP was done and everyone had left we stayed and had the wife throw to the boy and I sat in the back of the batting cage and talked him threw his swing. He feels he has lost his swing and has not had a really good hit since before the end of the spring season. Not sure why but we are working on it.

I mowed the jungle but with all the rain even at 6pm at night with all day to dry I have TONS of CLUMPS but it had to get done. If I waited any longer I would have had to weed wack the lawn BEFORE I mowed it.

Till next weekend!!!!


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