Friday, September 08, 2006


I read what I wrote this morning and I am a little shocked but when I look inside it is how I truly feel since September 11th.  It may not be a very Christian thing to feel but I do believe we are in a fight here that we have never faced before.  In the past there was always a figurehead (Hitler, Stalin, Min, Castro) for us to defeat.  There were always boundaries to show progress (Richmond, Berlin, Tokyo) but there is none of that now.  I think that is why people are having difficulties with it.  During WWII it was Germany and Japan as the enemy.  They had land, they had culture, people and figure heads.  The War on Terror has no such common thread but Islam.  They are from different countries, of different upbringing but share only one thing.  You knew who the enemy was now you do not.  All Muslims are NOT terrorists, but so far all terrorists have been Muslims.  They have no homeland, they are in the Middle East, they are in France, Britain, Germany, Spain, and here in the US.  There is no front, there is no 'progress' to report as our men and women make a push.  No D-Day, no Battle of the Bulge, no Battle of Midway.  Today Afghanistan was the front as a car bomb went off in front of the US Embassy.  Tomorrow it could be Sante Fe, Glascow, Dublin, Orlando or Houston.  That is the problem we are dealing with.  It is a new world, a new war and needs new thought and new tactics.  We are not at war with Saudi Arabia but yet 14 of their citizen's used 4 of our planes as bombs against us.  We cannot bomb Saudi Arabia, we cannot kill every Muslim, we cannot close every Mosque.  What do we do, how do we handle this, how do we defeat this enemy, how to we protect ourselves?  I do not have the answers but I feel like no one is asking the right questions.


At 5:18 AM, Anonymous odog said...

you are an ignorant donkey Have you ever lived in the middle east?

Why don't you come to Palestine or any other Arab country for that matter and have a look.

Loads of tourist come to my home city Bethlehem, where there are arab/Palestinian Muslims and Christians living side by side. Many foreign internationals come here too.

Whats more, people from different backgrounds, are united in their struggle against an illegal occupation given a free hand by your government which gives Israel close to 4 billion dollars in finacial and military aid a year.

Glad your taxes are being well spent.


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