Monday, January 01, 2007

Good Morning 2007

Well we had a nice quiet night last night. The boy went to my sister's for a party but I left early to be with the wife who is very sick. She was abed/couch ridden all Saturday and Sunday and I will not let her up today as she is leaving (with the boy) for Florida tomorrow for a week, and I want her to have fun! So it was a quick kiss at midnight then good night. Actually much better then the alcohol induced party haze of yesteryear.....

The 2006 Wrap Up:

Having a look over the year I see that I had:
  • Read 30 books
  • Watched 42 movies
  • Went to the Grand Canyon, Louisville Slugger Museum, Cincinnati, a Reds Games, a Monday Night Football game and went camping with the Scouts 4 times.
  • I failed to continue my exercise routine to it's fullest
  • I ate better and had a somewhat better attitude (that can be improved on) in life
Here is hoping that 2007 brings a better exercise record, a continuing attitude adjustment at work and at home and a continuing better home life for me, my wife and the boy. I think I might be able to handle that...


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