Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Is It Over?

I hope you all made it through the Holiday!!! We made it out OK. Saturday started with me and the boy getting to bed at 8am. Yes you heard me, 8am. We had a lock in with the Boy Scouts on Friday night. It went from 7pm Friday till 7:30am Saturday morning, and we were awake the whole time. I awoke around 4sh and hit the shower and went to my sisters for dinner. I then went home and went to bed.

Christmas Eve broke with us having a nice breakfast and finishing up the last minute details for Christmas. We went to the early 3:30 mass instead of midnight this year. We then went to my parents house for dinner and Santa. Every year we go to their house with my entire family and celebrate Christmas. It was fantastic, everyone but my brother and his family were there (they were stuck in LA, having just moved there 5 weeks ago). Santa has come while we were at Mass and my nephew went crazy!!! We all exchanged gifts and had a grand time! After that we had dinner, lobster tails, prime rib, fettuccine Alfredo, the works. Even the boy tried out lobster!!!! Content and stuffed we retired to various rooms in the house the sit, relax and talk. Some went online to share pics with family and friends, others sat around the tree organizing the piles for transport and the boy went with my Dad to play with some of the gifts. The nephew drove his new motorized car around the halls and I help my Mother and Grandmother with the dishes. As the evening wore down we were all full and sleepy and packed up and went to our respective homes, it was only 10:00...

Christmas Day dawned at 7:30am and even though the boy is 13 he was just as excited about Christmas Morn as he was when he was 5. So up and out of bed to go downstairs and see what "Santa" has left. The three of us had a blast! The wife has these Christmas nesting boxes (stackable box decorations) of the 12 Days of Christmas. She put all of my gifts in them and made me open them in song order. We all made out very well (we always go a little too much) and then started to make dinner, which is at our house for the entire family. The wife went above and beyond with a pork crown roast, twice baked potatoes, veggies, rolls, stuffing, etc. We made our 100 phone calls to family and friends wishing then a Merry Christmas, ate and then I had to go to work.

Even with the work part the day was a fantastic celebration of family. Even Grandma got into playing with the boy's video games. The wife got cudos for a great dinner and everyone enjoyed a nice day of gifts, talking and chocolate cream pie.

I hope you and yours had a fantastic weekend and got into the spirit of the holiday! For some, like me, it is back to the grind and back to work. For others they get to enjoy a nice week off until the new year. Which ever one you are, Merry Christmas to one and all...


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