Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is my Grandmother's birthday. She is very active and always travelling. She is one of thirteen children, her oldest brother was born in the 1800's. She has seen major travel by horse and communication by mail with movies having piano accompaniment go to air travel, satellite phones and IM and movies in surround sound in the home or on an Ipod. Her husband (since passed) was a Pearl Harbor, she has two daughters, 7 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grand Children. And dozens of cousins, nephews and nieces. Several years ago a surprise party was held for her to celebrate her life, 300 people showed up; all related to her in some way and a major part of her life.

Last night, with her family around her we all wished her a Happy Birthday and her great grandson's help blow out the candles. One of my most treasured gifts is the 36 dollars in my home safe. Every birthday she sends out a birthday card with a dollar in it, she writes "Happy BLANK Birthday. Love Grandma" on each one. My son has 13 and my wife 15 (since we have been married). No matter what else you get or what else she gives you, you always look forward to grandma's card...

Happy Birthday Grandma, and many more!!!!!!


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