Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is It Friday Yet????

Well one more day left for school and one more day left in the work week. It has been the longest week for so many reasons.

I am getting lazy again. I have not worked out this week at all. I should be out there every morning but I cannot get up and do it. Maybe next week when the boy no longer has to get up I can just set the alarm and get out and go. Maybe I will even bring him with me. Get him ready for Philmont.

The wife was offered a new branch, which is sort of a promotion. While it is a lateral move title wise, it is a larger branch and a substantial raise. The new branch is also down the block which means a 5 minute commute and not a 25 minute commute. Less time = less gas, less gas = more money for us. So with the nice raise there is also the nice chunk of gas money gone!!! Win win in our book.

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