Monday, May 21, 2007

The Countdown Begins...

This is the time for countdowns. The countdown to the Indy 500 (biggest TV day for us at work), the countdown to the last day of school, the countdown to what the heck are we doing with our boy this summer?

The weekend was fantastic. We slept in on Saturday, did some housework and yard work and then just hung out. It is tough to drive anywhere with gas being 3.44 a gallon out here. So it is nice to just hang around the house. We sat outside, grilled, played some ball and just sat and read. The boy has some new friends and is going beyond the neighborhood to 'hang out'. I get a little nervous but then again I was roaming NYC when I was 14 so I guess I can relax if he is 2-3 blocks away.

I need to get organized in the office. I have picked up some good tips from various websites and blogs but I need to actually do them to finally get out from the tower of paper and filing that needs to be done. We have a busy week with baseball and scouts almost every night and with TV wrapping up it will be nice not to have anything going on in the evening. We watched Flags of Our Fathers the other night. WOW, more than a war movie it is a look at how these men had to deal with being looked at as heroes when they themselves did not think they deserved it. Very powerful stuff. I know I talked of this before but my God, when we went to war these men (and women) dropped everything and headed overseas and gave there all and then came back and jumped right back into their lives and created the American we destroyed these past 20 years. Well worth the watch and we look forward to the mirror piece Letters From Iwo Jima for the Japanese view...


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