Thursday, May 31, 2007

What the heck? Part 2

Have you seen these poor parents who met the Pope in hopes of getting their abducted child returned to them. I pray for them and hope the child is returned so that Protective Services can take her away!!!! For drying out loud the kid was 4 and in a strange country and these parents left her AND HER YOUNGER BROTHERS in a hotel room so they could enjoy a quiet dinner!! What the heck! Why is everyone smoothing over this fact when they talk about the story. It is people like this that make me support a Parent License!! What idiot leaves their 4 year old in a hotel room so they can eat! I remember undoing all the straps and contraptions in my sons car seat and taking him out so I can pay the gas attendant at the gas station (yes there was a time that one had to go in and pay, there was no pay at the pump). I would unstrap the boy, walk inside the 15 feet and tell the guy I wanted $10 on pump 5 and then put the boy back in the car and strap him up and then pump gas.

I feel sorry for these people, I truly do, this is my worst nightmare as a parent. But then again I do not think I would leave my 4 year old home alone so I can grab a movie with the wife...

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