Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What the heck?!!?!?!?!??!

I start my day with a workout (usually) and then when I get home I jump online and do some quick browsing. Visit my blog reads, baseball scores, email and calendar. At the end if I have time I run to the funny link sites, the quick links of Miss America falling on her butt, skaters wiping out, that cat rolled up in the tarp at the baseball game getting flung out and occasionally some dirty clip. I admit I click on them sometimes, I try not to as this is a shared computer with my son and the "dirty" sites like to dump tons of spyware etc on your PC. But I see a link that says Drunk College Girls at Party, thinking flashing ala New Orleans, instead it is two girls and one guy at a party. They are totally naked and going at it. Meanwhile there are DOZENS of people all standing in a circle around them at some frat party. The camera moves from the "action' to the viewers and someone is asking questions, at one point one of the kids says, don't film me if my mother saw this she would shit. I turn it off and think to myself, what the hell is going on at college????? I mean I was wild there and drank and did things that college kids do, but I never got naked in front of all my friends and had sex with two women. What the heck is going on that this generation thinks that this is fine behaviour. What of the girls in the video, these are not adult actresses they are regular college students. When they go for a summer internship and some says, hey I say you on Dump-a-link doing some guy. What of the school these people go to, I saw Greek letters and college shirts, do they have a responsibility of what is going on on their campus. What of the parents of these kids. I am of the age where I have friends with college aged kids. While at a dinner table with a friend I blurt out, Hey Chuck I saw you daughter going down on some guy on YouTube. Sure I am the hypocrite that clicked on the link and watched some of it, but what the hell people!!!!! I understand the niche of Adult Movies and the people who make them know what they are into but these are just normal kids at college. What gave them the idea that is was OK to strip naked in front of 40 people and have sex??? Sometimes I really fear for the future...

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At 9:07 PM, Blogger Brent said...

I was School Resource Officer for 3 1/2 years at a high school with 2,300 students. You wouldn't believe the notes and pictures we found around the school. Kids today have no modesty when it comes to showing off their sexuality.


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