Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Wrap Up

What a weekend so far:

The boy has finished the 8th grade and I am now the parent of a High Schooler. If that does not make you feel old I do not know what will!!!! He finished strong, aside from the Ipod incident, so we have hopes for high school. He has a very busy summer ahead of him and I am sure he will have tons of fun. I am very proud of him, we have some issues to work out but overall he is a good kid.

Hit the Sam*s Cl*b yesterday to get some stuff for a little party we are having today for the boy. Just family but we wanted to celebrate his graduating. While there we always stop at the DVD section to see what it out and cheap. To my great surprise there were the complete seasons of Babylon 5. Those not in the know will say so what, but those who know of it will say AWESOME!!!! I have been looking and looking for these for YEARS! They are available on ebay and such but at great expense, I got the first 2 seasons some time ago for 40 bucks each (a bargain down from 80) so I have been looking for the last 3 and there they were for 22 bucks each! I got them and then gave them to the wife and said, Happy Father's Day. She asked what?!?!?!? I said, get me nothing and just wrap these up next week...I am happy like a little girl!

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