Monday, July 30, 2007

And we are back...

Been busy lately, sorry. Spent the weekend in the boy's room. Since he is miles away in the New Mexican desert we decided to re-do his room. It was like we moved again. His room was emptied and then we put it back together again. It came out really nice. He has much more room, it is clean and we took out those boardgames and toys and school supplies he has not used in 4 years. We found nothing to make us worry, we emptied his dresser and night stand and under the bed. We were not looking for anything but it was nice to not find a hidden stash of pot or smokes or a beer can hidden in a drawer. I miss him dearly and can not wait to see him on Friday...

It was movie weekend as well. After spending several hours in the room we needed to get out and enjoy. So it was off to the movies with us, The Simpsons to be exact. If you are a fan of the show you have already seen this, if not, you are not a fan!!!! It was everything I thought the Simpsons movie should be, and after all these years it was worth the wait.

Also caught Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on DVD as well as The Breach on DVD and The Brooklyn Dodgers: Ghosts of Flatbush on HBO. That's alot for the past week.

Started the South Beach Diet today. Both the wife and I so we shall see what happens....

Til Next Time


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