Friday, June 15, 2007

Love Thy Neighbor...

Today I awoke to the sweet sound of silence. What makes that different from any other day you might ask. Well for the past 2 years we have lived across the street from the dog from hell. It was one of those small terrier, or poodle things. And every morning the neighbors would let the dog out and every morning it would continuously bark until let back in. The problem was they would not let it back in. It would be out there all morning and bark and bark. It would bark at the kids waiting for the bus, it would bark at the cars as they drove by, the joggers and the garbage men, it would bark at me when I left and then again when I came home. It drove us all crazy. When approached they said sorry and they would yell at the dog for awhile then back to normal. But then again the dog barking and then some guy yelling at it to shut up at 7am is still annoying.

Today I awoke to the sweet sound of silence. There was a moving van in front of the house the other day and this morning when I woke on my own I turned to the wife who was getting ready from work and said, Do you hear that? and she said Hear what? and I said Exactly!! And went back to sleep...


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