Monday, June 18, 2007

Late Night...

Suffered from Heat exhaustion this weekend. We were out and about in the hot sun all day Saturday and come Saturday night we all had wicked headaches and no appetite! Needless to say a lot of TV and AC was in store for Sunday.

Father's Day was spent sleeping in and then an awesome meal at the local Irish Pub with the whole family. We spent the afternoon there and then back home to NOTHING! I sat and watched some TV, spent some time with the family, wrote some letters to ballplayers with the boy and sent them cards to autograph for us. It was a nice relaxing Father's Day!!

Today is one of my late days. I have to work nights this week (sucks) for a vacationing Director. I do not complain much at work about it as I have a nice schedule normally so this shift a few times a year (the boss also uses me on the AM shift as well) is fine. The less waves you try to make the better it is when you really need something. For example, I asked for a few days off in July, someone had already picked them (and she has seniority) but the boss felt bad she could not give them to me. She told me to a) pick some other days and b) she was changing the schedule to have me work that weekend but now will call in someone else to do it so I can have some time off that week that I wanted. It works out for me as it was not an important event I was taking off for and I did want that weekend for travel and now I have it.

So here it is almost noon and I will be taking a shower and then running some errands before I head to work. Seems nice to be able to watch a movie this morning and still have 4 hours to get stuff done...

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